The Brilliant Redesign of Vonage

Vonage is a popular Voice over IP (VOIP) telecommunication company. They first started as an affordable residential phone provider in the early 2000s when landlines were still going strong. However, they have now branched out into offering solutions for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Vonage was looking to launch a campaign to let the world know they were still here. So, they called upon Wolff Olins to help them out and the results were magical! Here we will discuss the brilliant redesign of Vonage.

The Redesign of Vonage is a Blend of Old and New

Vonage has always been known for standing out from the crowd. Their quirky approach in branding is something that Wolff Olins managed to maintain. With signs like, “Hello, world! We’re back!” paired with a beautiful array of gradient colours, Vonage is still standing out in 2019, almost twenty years since their inception. The design of their logo is familiar to their past but has been updated to convey a sleek, simple look. Its simplicity lends it to memorability as well. In the world of technology, a lot of designs and marketing are a bit bland. They err on the side of caution and approach their designs with a mundane ‘corporate look’. However, Wolff Olins helped Vonage break away from that. The stark white background with black text is a staple. What makes these designs different is the striking colours, the bold choice of photography, and the focus on people and culture.

The Focus on Colour and People

In a lot of corporate design, you’ll find similar colours and imagery. This is especially true in the tech industry. Wolff Olins made the redesign of Vonage a success by showcasing bright, brilliant colours as an accent almost everything. They also placed focus on the human element. You’ll find bold photographs of people highlighted by bright colours. All of the other imagery concentrates on people interacting and connecting in lively colourful designs that catch the eye and pull you in. By using bright colours, the design pulls you in. By using imagery showing people connecting, the brand is relateable and the intention is clear.