Leo Burnett design minimalist typographic posters for McDonald’s

This marketing campaign was a risk but not that much of a risk for a company with such a global brand presence as McDonald’s. Most companies would run a mile from doing something like this, but their brand is so strong that they can easily get away with it.

Below is a snippet of the article from dezeen with more on this.

Advertising agency Leo Burnett has designed minimalist posters for McDonald’s with just lists of ingredients in the Helvetica font and no mention of the fast food chain’s name.

London-based agency Leo Burnett teamed up with Minneapolis-based designer David Schwen to create the Iconic Stacks campaign for outdoor billboards.

The “redacted” adverts have done away with both images of food and the McDonald’s name itself, focusing wholly on the typography.

According to Pete Heyes, creative director at Leo Burnett, the visual approach to the campaign started with the creators asking themselves a simple question: “are our products so recognisable that you recognise them without telling you who it’s from?”

“McDonald’s is a leader,” said Heyes. “Only a handful of global brands can communicate like this.”

“The redacted and graphic nature of this latest campaign exudes the confidence McDonald’s and its iconic products deserve,” he added.

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