Celebrate weird body facts at NEMO Science Museum. Creative by KesselsKramer.

Below in an excerpt from the It’s Nice That website.

KesselsKramer has created a weird and wonderful campaign for Amsterdam’s Nemo Science Museum, inspired by the idea of the average person. Developed for the museum’s Humania exhibition, the animation-based campaign brings to life strange facts about the human species, including that we share 50% of our genes with a cabbage and that, on average, we pass wind 17 times a day.

The brief was simple, KesselsKramer explains, “How can we still celebrate people in a special way if this is now done by every bank, insurance or telecom company?” The answer was to develop some serious strange-looking bodies, toying with the idea of ‘average’ and ‘special’. Working with animator Marlies van der Wel, who developed the collages from photography by Jean-Pierre Khazem, the odd characters were made from a medley of noses, arms, hair and body parts that aren’t even body parts at all.

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